Facebook Messenger Bots

The Future

of Marketing Automation, Sales & Customer Support is finally here without you being online! You can now leverage amazing Artificial Intelligence and Smart Messenger Marketing Automation.

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Why is it so Effective?

Our Messenger Bot Gets:


Open Rates than Email




Click-Through Rates than Email




Engagement Rates than Email


If you could QUADRUPLE the open rates, get 15 times higher CLICK THROUGH RATES,

and up to 80% higher ENGAGEMENT from every marketing message you send, what would that do for your business?

If you could fully AUTOMATE the process for growing big lists and making SALES every day without any effort,

even when you’re closed or offline, increase your REVENUE by building your customer base 24/7.

This is the REALITY of the Messenger Bot technology in 2020, and it’s only going to get BIGGER!

Facebook Messenger Bots are a guaranteed Win-Win for You and Your Customers:


Messenger Bots automate everything for you without you being online, all the way from answering questions, ENGAGING prospects, nurturing leads to closing sales for you 24/7.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology automatically personalizes every conversation with your prospect’s name and details, as if they’re talking to a real human, thereby INCREASING sales.


Tap into a mass-market full of active RESPONSIVE buyers. Most people online are spending most of their time on the messenger app. They spend 91% of their time messaging with friends.


Less than 2% of businesses are using Messenger Bot technology to reach, engage and CONNECT with more customers.


It is proven that 54% of customers are more likely to shop with businesses that can give them answers on the spot, without having to wait around. With Messenger Bots, the responses are instant.

40% of the population say that they chat with Messenger Bots on a daily basis. Companies that utilized Messenger Bots were able to increase their customer spend by over 50%!

83% of online shoppers want support before making a purchase, and if they do not get that, you’ll lose potential sales! They want to see you using Messenger Bots as they do not want any delays in responses.


Customers demand 24/7 support and Messenger Bots deliver exactly that, thereby skyrocketing your ongoing sales and customer retention.

Who uses Messenger Bots?

Household Brands & Innovative Companies are already using Messenger Bots:

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We are a full-service International Internet Marketing and Messenger Bot Agency based in Southeast Asia, focusing on services related to Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Automation and Search Engine Optimization.
Our mission is to offer real-world solutions to your business, to create substantial growth, and steadily increase your Return on Investment.

Features of

Messenger Bots


Grow Your Business

Messenger is the future of digital marketing. Qualify leads, nurture prospects, take payments, create promotions.


Build & Monetize

Add subscribers by connecting your bot to Facebook Ads, import your existing lists. Build trust and monetize your list by a proven sequence of messages.


Integrates With any Business

Messenger bots can seamlessly integrate with ‘Brick & Mortar’ shops, websites, social media pages, sales funnel builders, email marketing tools and other CRMs.

Powerful AI

The messenger bot can analyze user input by keywords and send relevant replies.


Unlimited Broadcasts

Send as many marketing messages to your leads as you like with no limits.


Effortless Customization

Add branding, images, videos & timed delays to ‘humanize’ your conversations.

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