Why use Chatbots?

It is the year 2020 my friend, it is time to catch up with today's marketing trends and profit from them.

Why Messenger?

  • Out of 5.6 million people living in Singapore more than 2 million are Messenger users.
  • 1,200,000 Messenger users in Singapore are between 25 and 44 years old.
  • That is 63.4% of all Messenger Users in Singapore.
  • Engage with people who are interested in what you have to offer, on their terms.
  • We create experiences about your businesses that are not forgotten.

Messenger Advantages

  • Give people great tips in your niche. Guide them to knowledge and a sale.
  • You can give people on Messenger information about your product and ask for feedback.
  • The response time from when people join till they have the answers they are looking for is about three minutes, what is your response time when answering emails?
  • The money is in the follow-up!

What is this “Bot” thing?

You might have a couple of questions to what it actually is that we do, let’s try and keep it simple…we generate leads and customers/clients for your business.

When you look at Messenger it might seem overwhelming and most people have the same questions before getting started:

What is the best bot for my niche?
How do I get people into my bot?
Why would I use a bot instead of a landing page?
What can the bot actually do?

If you are asking these and other questions, you are surely interested in getting to know more about how you can profit from this. Not to worry, if you gave us your phone number in messenger, you will get a phone call, tomorrow at the latest, where all your questions are answered.

Our System is Registered as a Facebook Developer Partner


The Singapore Gold Rush of 2020

This coming year is going to be the “YEAR OF THE MESSENGER” in Singapore.
The reasons are very simple…

  • Businesses now have the ability to engage with customers in Messenger automatically through the use of “CHATBOTS” – Yes you can automate sales and marketing through a channel that has more than 2.1 Million active users per month in Singapore.
  • World Wide there are more than 1.2 Billion users of Messenger every month, if you have a product you want to market to the world, Messenger is the only way to go.

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