Siam Interact SEO Company is the leading internet marketing, advertising, and search engine optimization company in Thailand. We do search engine optimization for business websites from various countries around the world. We also have great experience in doing search engine optimization for businesses in Thailand. Search engine optimization to dominate the first page of the real Google Search Engine is our absolute specialty.

Our Clients

We don’t just take all company website under our wings, there is a couple of criteria that need to be met;

  1. You must be an established company with a website
  2. Your website has been up and running and is receiving traffic
  3. Your company and website has a solid product and a good reputation

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When you get your website built and it is online, you obviously want people to visit your website, this is where an SEO company can step in and assist you to achieve your goals. To many local and international companies a website is their window to the world, which is why it is important for the website to appear on the search engines; Yahoo, Bing and Google Search. When a website appears on the top of a search engine it is easily found by people who are actively searching for your products and services. One of the biggest worries small businesses have is that they think that they cannot compete with the big multi-million dollar companies, let me just say this right away…YOU CAN!

Local SEO for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization could for small business owners seem like an extremely competitive area of internet marketing and for most people it is not easy to try to figure out where to start. As a small business, you will often be very disappointed if you think you have a real chance to rank on all the major keywords. For example, the big keywords are “hotel”, “holiday”, “diving”, “restaurant” and other very broad keywords that have many thousands of searches each month. Instead, try to find those keywords with less competition and where the keywords are still relevant to your business, let’s call these longtail keywords.

So how do you figure out how to attack the SEO market? Well, first you have to know the keywords you want to be found with. If you do not have a complete overview of what your customers are looking for, then they will obviously have a hard time finding your business. To find out which keywords to use in your niche, you have to do what we call a keyword analysis. When you have a good keyword analysis done, you will have a really good foundation of knowledge of where to use the keywords in your SEO work. Once you have an overview of which keywords you would like to be found on, work begins on figuring out which ones to use. There is a lot to look out for, and now as a website owner, you have to decide which of the keywords you would like to focus on. The thorough work begins here, because you have to figure out which keywords are “worth” going for. This is work that we do every day here at Siam Interact Co Ltd.

Competing for Website Content

When talking about Search Engine Optimization, you often talk about the content of the page you want to rank on the Search Engines. Great SEO content is mainly the text that is written and posted on web pages. The text help search engines, like Google, to determine if your web page is about what you actually want to rank for with your website. A page with bad or little content will not get a good ranking on Google Search. So how much text is actually needed for the search engines to understand what your website and page is about? The answer can easily depend on how much competition there is on any given keyword. At Siam Interact Co Ltd we analyse the content of your competition in order to understand how many words your content really needs to be, in order to be competitive on content.

If you just want to start writing the text for your web pages, we can say that any top 10 SEO text on Google may contain from 500 – 750 words for the longtail keywords, while wanting to rank with the highly competitive keywords you may need up to 800 – 2000 words on the page if you are to be at the very top of the search engines. Then again it depends on the keyword difficulty of the keyword you are trying to rank for, SEO agencies around the worl might give you various difficulty numbers depending on what tools they are using to determine this with. If writing website content is not one of your strengths you may want to connect with our copywriters here at Siam Interact Co Ltd.

How long is it going to take to rank on Google?

If Siam Interact does our SEO, how long will it take for us to rank? This is one of the most common questions that we get and the answer is as simple as this; there are more than 240 algorithm factors that Google has created to determine if your website is worthy of being on the first page of Google Search, so because of these ranking factors we can tell you that each and every website has met various aspects of the Google algorithm and this way each site is unique. Depending on the niche you are in and how strong the competition is it can take anywhere between 3-6 months to a year to dominate the real Google Search Engine in your niche and in your area.

At Siam Interact Co Ltd we have worked with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses, and also with many large corporations. It starts with the Complementary Website Analysis where we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your website. We also research your competition to determine why and how they are ranking so we can mimic them and do that extra work to get above them on the Search Engines. Always remember that it starts with YOU, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Go and get the Complementary Website Analysis started and we will have a chat over the phone as soon as possible.

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